A Walk in the Park

Yesterday was Friday, and all three kids were in a co-op school at JFBC. Most of the time I have plans for those three hours on Friday without kids – running errands, catching up with friends, cleaning house, etc. but, yesterday my housekeeper was cleaning the house and I had no other plans. I ended up spending most of the time at a bookstore. It is amazing how reenergized I can feel after just a couple hours reading books and magazines by myself in a coffee shop at the bookstore.

After picking the kids up we had plans with another homeschool family at JFBC. Devin’s very best friend is a girl who was in his class last year at the school. He tells anyone who will listen how smart she is. Devin also really enjoys spending time with his best friend’s older and younger brother. Lexi and Ava Mae love these kids too so, a playdate in the local park was put on our calendar. We ended up at the park for three hours. After picnicing the kids rode bikes and scooters, we hiked trails and ended the day at the creek where the kids tried so hard to build a bridge across the creek out of sand – a great lesson! We also found an interesting spider building a web on a section of the bridge over the creek and a unique carving in a tree on one of the trails.

A great day though having my children playing in the creek in clothes we would not normally call play clothes was a little out of my comfort zone. I am trying hard this year to let those little things go.

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