A Time for Thanks and Giving

This week a dear friend of mine hosted our homeschool group for our Thanksgiving Celebration. The kids were able to pack Operation Christmas Child Boxes. It was fun to have everyone bring items to pack the boxes with and let the kids choose what would go in each box. The older kids were so thoughtful and careful in each decision they made while packing. The younger kids were hilarious. My youngest would have packed ten pounds of candy in her box had I let her. Our afternoon wrapped up with a good lunch and playtime for all the kids in the wonderful fall weather.
Packing Boxes …

The Thanksgiving Favor we made for all our homeschool friends …

We have begun our study of Thanksgiving this week during our homeschool time. Today we made a Thanksgiving Tree out of a small tree limb. Each day we will add a tag to the tree with what we are thankful for. We are also reading from one of our favorite Five In a Row Books – Cranberry Thanksgiving. Next week we will use the recipe from this story to bake our own cranberry bread.

Our Thanksgiving Tree …

I love having a month to reflect on all the things I am thankful to God for! I am thankful for a husband who financially supports our family so that I may stay home with our children. I am thankful for all the wonderful homeschool families we have met and the relationships my children have formed with them. I am thankful for the beauty of this season and how it reminds me of what a wonderful loving God we have!

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