Happy New Year!!!

Today we look back at 2008 and forward to 2009! Last night we celebrated the New Year’s Eve with a small party with the kids and a family friend, Jen. We cooked and baked, played Board Games, watched the Disney Channel New Year’s Eve Show, and then counted down the Peach Drop. The only one who did not make it to Midnight was Ava Mae … the rest of us toasted 2009 with ginger ale, in fancy Crystal Champagne Glasses that I hardly ever pull out. Devin and Lexi thought they were so grown up!

2008 brought illnesses that were not welcome and fun vacations that were! I could definitely gone without emergency surgery in April and pneumonia in December. 😉 I loved our vacation to Hilton Head with the kids, it was their first time at the beach! I will never forget their excitement when they saw the ocean for the first time. I know Daune would prefer not to have a chronic illness but, we are thankful to God for good medications that have brought it under control. Homeschooling continues to go well and though I am constantly tweaking our curriculum or schedule I am working hard at relinquishing control to God in that area and following him, knowing he is in control. I am so thankful for the Homeschool Support Group begun by one of my new friends this year, Renee. I am blessed by all the relationships I have formed with such Godly women who have chosen the same path as our family for schooling.

And now as we look forward to 2009 … this bible scripture always comes to mind. I have a tendency to worry about what a new year will have hold for us.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:33-34

Last night we all wrote hopes, dreams, and wishes on paper and placed them on our Yule Log, an Irish Tradition during the 12 Days of Christmas. Devin and Lexi are really hoping for snow again this year! As a family we have chosen the word “JOY” as our word of the year, “J“esus First, “O“thers Second, “Y“ourself Last. My Word for the year is “Contentment” – being happy with what God has provided for us in everything – family wise, health wise, material wise, time wise.

Happy New Year!

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