Our Week in Review …

Last week we began our Weather Study with a focus on Winter Weather. My children just love Snow. They are praying for snow sometime this month like we had last year. Imagine our excitement when a double rainbow appeared one morning for us.
We began our week with a weather science experiment – involving vinegar and baking soda blowing up a balloon.

And, what do you do when you do not have real snow to make a snowman? You use the next best thing … marshmallows.

We also added back in our “Story of the World” curriculum. We finished up our study of Ancient China and are now moving on to Ancient Africa.

We had some fun crafting … a friend came over and showed me how to use of my Christmas Presents The Big Shot – I love this die cut:

Lexi made her first Pot Holder with her loom she got for Christmas:

I was finally able to see Devin play basketball … having pneumonia all of December meant I missed all of Devin’s games. His coach said Devin has made so much improvement and even scored a couple of baskets during the game.

I just love this shot I got before Devin’s game … Ava Mae was praying that Devin would score a basket.


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