Last Week — in Review

Last week was alot of fun … the kids really enjoyed adding our new Home Economics course to our curriculum. Pictured above is the project for our first lesson. They were so proud of their veggie platter they made themselves for dinner. I really liked how the book goes step through step each lesson and reminds the kids to wash hands and tie back hair before cooking.

Of course, the lesson was not without typical competitions, such as – who peeled their carrot the fastest, who sliced their cucumber most evenly. I think Cooking Mama on Wii had something to do with it. 😉

Our Weather Unit Study continues on this week we made Snowflakes out of coffee filters and learned how no two snowflakes are ever alike. We also had a chance to play in some snow at our friend’s home on Saturday. The Cox Family has built their own Snow Machine – similar to what you would find at a ski resort. The kids just loved sledding down the hill in their front yard. Tomorrow we have a chance at snow and we are all praying that it comes to fruition.

Our History lesson this past week was on Ancient Africa. It was interesting, though not very long as we do not know alot about the Ancient Africa time period. The kid’s did find interesting, as did I, that the Sahara Desert actually used to be lush with vegetation. We practiced an African craft by making these paper beads. I think Lexi and Ava Mae would have sat at the table all afternoon rolling triangular pieces of paper and then stringing them on a necklace.

On the agenda for this week … Baked French Toast, Snow (praying for), Ancient Middle Egypt, and a field trip to the King Tut Exhibit at the Civic Center in Atlanta.


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