Our Evening Visitors

The kids and I have really been enjoying our unit study on Backyard Birds. Our feeders have been a big hit with the birds and we are getting ready to purchase a new shepherd’s hook for our hummingbird feeder so that we can place that feeder closer to our front window.

One of the great aspects of our unit study has been documenting what new birds arrive at our feeder. The kids get so excited when they spot something new. One set of birds who have been regulars almost since we put up the feeder over a month ago have been two Mourning Doves. They arrive every evening around 5PM. They enjoy eating the leftover seed that the birds who have visited the feeder during the day have discarded to the ground. We decided recently to supplement that with some extra bird seed for our nightly visitors and we have been rewarded with longer visits.

Over the next few weeks we are joining in on the Outdoor Hour Challenge over at this blog. We are looking forward to learning more about some of our more frequent visitors to our feeders.


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