Weekly Wrap Up

Week 3 is done and we are finally joining in the Weekly Wrap Up. Though we have not had an easy start to our school year, we have survived. Finding out yesterday I will have to be at a Cardiac Rehab Center 3x a week for the next 12 weeks threw another wrench into my well laid plans but, I can see areas we can let go for awhile and pick back up again as time allows. Pictured above are our daily companions at our school table, Smokin and Tigger.

This week, Devin and Lexi sailed through their core studies (Bible, Math, Language/Phonics, Handwriting and Reading). We are using Winter Promise (Early American History) this year for History and that is one area we have struggled with since school began. There is alot of read aloud time and the literature book we are reading right now is not easy. We have to read a Chapter a day in the book “The Birch Bark House” which can be as much as 12 pages and the Native American words in the book are hard for me to pronounce and sometimes even figure out what the word means. I can see why it is hard for my 8 and 7 year old to narrate back to me. The other living books which we are reading right now have some great illustrations and we have been studying Vikings this week which the kids have enjoyed.

My husband helped with homeschooling one of the days this week and a friend helped yesterday while I was at the doctor. It did not leave alot of extra time for projects such as creating a diorama of an Indian Village but, I did get two of the videos ordered through Blockbuster for the time period we are studying.

We also were able to spend some time remembering 9/11 on this past Monday. We read the book “Fireboat”, which I highly recommend it is such a sweet story, and we discussed the process of rebuilding that is going on in New York City at the site of the WTC.

Ava Mae continues to love her Rod and Staff Preschool Workbooks she is working through. She also enjoys spending lots of time counting and sorting things like beads and seashells.

We have not had time to start our Nature Journals for this year. I am hoping as I feel better we will get to that at least once a week, especially as we head into the Fall Season and nice weather.

The kids just wrapped up Week 2 of Timothy classes. Both, Devin and Lexi are loving Science and their other classes while Ava Mae, continues to enjoy PreSchool and PE. Lexi though says one of her favorite things about Timothy is lunch bunch, as seen in the picture below.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. I'm sorry about the health issues, thank goodness for the flexibility of homeschooling! We used Winter Promise's American History last year alongside Sonlight & really enjoyed it. The book selections were good and we really appreciated the movie suggestions.

  2. Sorry to hear about your health problems. Praying that you're feeling better soon.

    I can relate to your read aloud “issues.” We use Sonlight and there have been some doozys. Great books but some of the chapters are huge. My voice gets raw sometimes. LOL

    Maybe you could find some of the books on tape or cd at your library?

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