Weekly Wrap Up

Our 4th week of homeschooling is behind us and … what a crazy week it was, weather wise. Devin and Lexi have been enjoying their Science Class at Timothy where the area of study has been, of all things, Weather. With 8 days of rain followed by, what experts are calling, a 500 year flood, we had a lot to talk about. We were lucky, our home suffered no damage from water either leak wise or flood wise. So many of our neighbors and homeschool friends were not so fortunate and we have been praying for quick drying in their homes.

The homework assignment this week from Science Class was to chart the weather each day. They were given a thermometer and asked to record the results in Celsius, being our digital weather station reports in Fahrenheit, there was no cheating. 🙂

Core Subjects continued to progress well, other than Devin’s occasional griping about the number of math problems he had or the fact that Language was requiring so much writing. We did not get around to Spanish this week (Rosetta Stone) but, we did accomplish to make it through all of our Early American History Reading plus, we added in a nature study on weather and we planted pumpkin seeds. All and all I consider this week a success!

Ava Mae loves her Rod and Staff Workbooks but, she also really enjoys sorting and counting. Each day I find something new for her to sort and then count, this keeps her occupied for at least an hour at our school table. Ava Mae also loves writing, so she does not complain at all when the kids have to do Copywork. She pulls out her paper and copies right along.

All three kids are learning the poem “The Swing” by Robert Louis Stevenson and I think so far, Ava Mae has everyone beat on how well she can recite, without help.

Health wise, I appreciate all of your prayers! I am finally adjusting to this new level of medication dosage. Cardiac Rehab begins next week, part of me is looking forward to the program while another part is dreading it. Giving it all to God in prayer …


6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. We're in that rain/flood zone, too. Thankfully, we're never in any real danger due to flooding because our house is in a high area, but there was a lot of damage in our area. I'm glad that y'all didn't have any damage. I know it was bad in Atlanta. The pictures of Six Flags were unbelievable.

    Praying about your health issues!

  2. I've heard about all the rain and flooding in the Atlanta area. I'm happy to hear that you guys are safe and unharmed. I will keep you in my thoughts for you health (((HUGS)))

  3. That rain was insane! As Kris, said we got some of the flooding in our area too. Thankfully our home was not damaged but there were many who weren't so fortunate.

    I have a dd who just loves to count and sort too. I haven't given her anything to count in awhile. I am going to give it a try again. I need something to occupy her while I am teaching my older dd.

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