Field Trip to Auburn University Raptor Center

Yesterday the kids were so fortunate to be able to take a field trip to Auburn University with some friends to visit the Southeastern Raptor Center. I hated to miss this exciting trip but, I had cardiac rehab scheduled.

My dear sweet friend Tammy took my three kids along with hers for the trek down to Auburn University. My kids are still talking about all the great birds they were able to see.

They also had the privilege of having their photo taken with the Auburn University Mascot War Eagle. This Golden Eagle flies out during their home games down the field. The mascot’s handler was the groups tour guide and from what I have heard they could not have found a better person to teach the kids about the Raptor Center. A big Thank You goes out to JJ, a fellow homeschool mom, for organizing this field trip to her alma mater.


One thought on “Field Trip to Auburn University Raptor Center

  1. Don't let your kids breathe a word of this trip to mine! We went to the Auburn game on Saturday and missed the eagle flying before the game!! 🙂 Looks like a fun day! So glad for them.

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