Conversations Around The School Table

Love the conversations around our school table … this is a sampling from today. Priceless …

Lexi had decided to start making her own Barbie doll clothes so we pulled out her sewing kit and she made a pattern and went for it. It really did turn out well – can’t believe it was her first attempt. Here is the conversation that ensued …

Devin … “Lexi that looks great! I think you will be a famous fashion designer one day.”
Lexi … “Devin I don’t want to be famous. I just want to be a normal person.”

Ava Mae … “I want to be a famous hair designer.”

Devin … “Well, I am going to be a famous baseball player here in Atlanta.”

Ava Mae … “Devin, when you are famous I won’t play on the playground anymore during your baseball games. I will sit in the stands and watch you.”

Devin … “Thanks, Ava Mae.”


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