100th Day of School

So hard to believe but, today is our 100th Day of School!! I always love hitting 100 days, it means we are past the halfway point with schooling for the year (only 80 days to go). We celebrated this morning with Krispy Kreme Donuts and tonight with Winter Cupcakes that Ava Mae made with our babysitter.

And, this is what the 2nd half of our school year will look like. Though we have loved Winter Promise, it can be a little bit much. I have decided to go back to the basics with History so we will continue to use the book “The American Story” for the rest of the year along with some of the read alouds but, we will cut out alot of the “extra” work that went along with each week.

Here is what the kids are doing curriculum wise now:

Devin/3rd Grade:
Handwriting With A Purpose Book T
Explode the Code Book 5
Wordly Wise Book 3
Horizons Math 3 along with a Statistical Math Program (Devin is our gifted math student and we had to find something extra to challenge him)

Lexi/2nd Grade:
Handwriting With A Purpose Book T
Beyond the Code Book 3
Horizons Math 2

Ava Mae/PreSchool – Kindergarten
Handwriting With A Purpose Book K
Get Ready for the Code Book A
Horizons Math K

We are also all continuing to work through:

Language Lessons For The Very Young Book 2
Bible Daily Devotional – “God and Me”
Drawing With Children

Timothy School on Friday:
Earth Science
Little Entertainers
Lego Simple Machines

Ava Mae:
PreSchool Class (3 hours)

Extra Curricular:


Ballet/Tap (3 hours week)

Ava Mae:
Choir/Mission Friends

Our only other change is that I have a babysitter coming for 3 hours in the afternoon, one day a week. I am so glad to be done with Cardiac Rehab and back to a more normal schedule!!


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