Summer Begins

Our summer is gearing up … this week we spent countless hours at the pool and had several playdates. Memorial Day we enjoyed spending time with each other – Miniature Golf (pictured above), a pizza buffet for lunch and then an hour at Barnes and Noble buying some summer reads.

Devin was all about baseball, baseball, and more baseball … with practices 5 days a week. His All Star team is coming together nicely and we are all looking forward to their big tournament in a few weeks. We are so proud of Devin for making the team!
We are also excited about our pumpkin vine sprouting its first bud! Growing pumpkins is an experiment for us. We can’t wait to see that first pumpkin on the vine.
Our summer schooling schedule seems to be working out o.k. Devin and Lexi are both working to get two pages done on Monday – Thursday in their summer review books. Journaling is not going as well as expected but, both kids are reading each day and Lexi is continuing to work hard on her Wilson curriculum and during her tutoring sessions. I keep reminding myself this is summer and that it is not a bad thing to relax our expectations a little.

Next week will prove to be super busy … Devin and Lexi will be in Camp Winshape’s C3 program and Ava Mae is looking forward to gymnastics camp! I don’t know what I will do with all my free time.


3 thoughts on “Summer Begins

  1. Busy, busy!!

    We had a volunteer pumpkin vine last year from where we'd thrown out a pumpkin the fall before!

    Also – have you redecorated your blog recently? It's really cute!

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