Devin Turns 9!

Happy Birthday Devin! Every year I look back at his birthday and think “how can time fly by this fast”? Devin is our oldest and made my husband and I into a family. I will never forget that joy I felt the first time I held him in my arms.

This weekend we are celebrating his 9 years … Devin is probably my easiest child when it comes to birthdays. While my girls will begin planning their party at least 3 to 6 months out, Devin always says “let’s do whatever you think would be fun”. All that he requested was cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a pizza for dinner. When asked what presents he wanted … he told me he already has too much. He did end up finally with one present request a Wii game but, he also said it would be better if we bought a used copy at the game store as it was less expensive. Devin’s big gift from us were tickets to an upcoming Braves game for him and a friend.

Today we celebrated Devin’s birthday by playing Monster Putt Putt Golf. Devin chose this year to just invite one close friend to spend an afternoon with. So it was golf, pizza and a big cookie cake – with a baseball theme, of course.

Devin, your sweet heart never ceases to amaze me! You love Jesus, your family, your favorite cat – Tigger, and baseball. I love watching the young man you are growing into! Your Dad and I love you so much!


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