September Field Trip

This month our field trip was close to home and more along the lines of a presentation but, it was probably one of the most educational field trips we have taken! Earlier this summer I found this great beekeeper who has a booth at our local farmer’s market when I asked about field trips he told me about his program but, to book him early as he was pretty popular among the local schools, I can see why.
Pictured above – Devin was chosen to come up and put on all the beekeeping equipment.
Brian, the beekeeper, spent a solid two hours teaching us all about the life of honey bees. I learned that I did not know as much about bees and the honey making process as I thought I did – my kids were also really impressed. It is always a sign of a good field trip when the kids come home and talk my husband’s ear off for a solid hour teaching him all they have learned.
What is so ironic is when I booked this field trip for our homeschool group back in June of this year I worried about his minimum booking fee. I felt we might be lucky if we had twenty families attend. You can imagine my surprise and delight when the field trip hostess let me know last week that we had almost ninety children signed up to attend.


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