Weekend Projects

With our Homeschool Halloween Party quickly approaching I wanted to get a few projects done before we host on Friday.

I love all these fun pumpkin ideas I have seen on blogs recently and so with two different types of paint in hand my first project was to transform three of our pumpkins.

I got some assistance in prepping the pumpkins by wiping them down with a damp cloth and then drying them really well. For the copper pumpkins I chose to use real pumpkins I purchased at the grocery store for just $2.49 each. I worked in small sections as I did not want to spray paint the pumpkin stem.

This is the finished project …

Next I chose to use one of our permanent pumpkins and paint it with chalkboard paint. I have seen quite a few of these with black chalkboard paint but, I would like to use the pumpkin for Thanksgiving decor too so I chose a green chalkboard paint.
The second project for the weekend was this fun Halloween Garland made from a scrapbook kit.
My last project was some baking that I needed to do for our Sunday School class – it was our turn to bring breakfast. I made banana bread and an apple caramel bundt cake – both of them were a big hit and the kids were glad we had a few slices leftover so they could eat some too.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Projects

  1. Michael's near ECPC – on a rack near the checkouts. They were on clearance with all the other Halloween type scrapbooking items. They had lots of fun things to choose from.

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