11 Days to Christmas

Today in our Advent Study we discussed the difference between Christmas Carols and Christmas Songs. A carol is a song that tells of Jesus’ birth – many carols were originally poems, as was the case for the carol “Silent Night”.

That beautiful Christmas Carol was originally a poem written by Joseph Mohr. I actually learned how that poem became a carol for the first time several weeks ago during a rehearsal for the Christmas Festival at church. One of the Weather Channel on air personalities attends our church and was one of the hosts for our Christmas Festival. She told the story how her Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Uncle Joseph Mohr wrote the poem “Silent Night” in a little village in Austria and how when the church he was a pastor in lost the ability to use their organ just two days before Christmas (due to some very bad church mice) he had the choir director help him write music to go along with the poem he had written – something he could perform on his guitar. Thus, the birth of “Silent Night” the Christmas carol. Isn’t that a beautiful story!

Tonight I enjoyed some “silence” around our home … my sweet husband took the kids to the movies so that I could spend some time organizing Christmas gifts and wrapping.


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