Welcome 2011!

Last night we welcomed the New Year with some friends … we decided it would be fun to let the kids celebrate Midnight at 8pm. We enjoyed snack foods and the kids played until the designated hour when we had a balloon drop and wished everyone a Happy New Year!

After our guests left our kids still wanted to try and make it to Midnight … Devin was the only one who succeeded. I have to say … I barely made it to Midnight and even at that did not even finish my glass of champagne. I think I might need that 8PM celebration more than the kids.
Today we began the “fun” task of packing away Christmas. As I pack away each item it always gets me thinking … “what does God have planned for us this year – when I unpack these items next Christmas what will our year have been like”. As I carefully put away all the precious ornaments the kids have made this year – many with their picture on it – I think how each child will be a year older next Christmas. I will have a ten year old and my youngest will be seven … I just can not even believe that.

Happy New Year!! May God bless each of you in 2011!

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