End of the Week {Ramblings}

We made it through our first week back in school after the holidays! This is always one of the hardest weeks of the year. We are coming off of a busy holiday season – full of excitement and always fun things to look forward to. We then jump into a month which is always a struggle – nothing fun to look forward to and cold weather that keeps us stuck inside our home.

Thankfully, after the first day grumblings school flowed pretty easy. I changed up our schedule a little bit – placing Science, History and Art on Mondays. I have found that placing these later in the week on our lesson plans means that many times we just do not get to them – especially if we are behind on our other subjects. I would not worry so much about it but, the kids really enjoy these subjects and I need to make them more of a priority.

I am so happy to have finally made it into the doctor today … after suffering for three weeks from a horrible sore throat. I am glad it was not strep – just a sinus infection which was the cause. Hopeful that a weekend on meds will have me feeling better by Monday. Though Monday is beginning to look like a snow day!

So, this week, what did we find joy in? Hot Chocolate and Tea and finding fun things to do inside – pictured above Devin with his Star Wars Lego ship he designed.


One thought on “End of the Week {Ramblings}

  1. Hey Alicia,
    Sorry to hear about your sinus infection. They can be awful. I work for an allergist so we see folks with them a lot. Take your meds and hopefully you will feel better soon. The tea that brought you joy this past week should help:-)
    Tell Devin I love his star wars ship!

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