Snowpocalypse 2011 {Day 4}

It is now Day 4 of Snowpocalypse 2011 here in Atlanta … the public schools will be closed again tomorrow making it officially a full week off of school for them. So thankful we homeschool and can continue on – we would much prefer to have time off when it is sunny and warm outside! Though we did enjoy again some playtime out in the snow – I think my kids are becoming less enthralled with the whole idea as more of the snow turns into thick chunks of ice.

(These pictures were taken today … not much melting going on.)

Today it was all about the ice … we knocked down some of the icicles hanging from our gutters to take a closer look,

then we created a snow village with icicles and ice sheets – complete with a lit candle (thanks to our friend Robyn for this great idea),
and while an out and about for lunch we even took time to look at a fountain near our home which was now an ice fountain.

So thankful my husband had the ability to work from home this week … the roads are so icy. Even roads that have been “de-iced” and plowed are icy again from the melting and then refreezing that occurs each night.


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