Multitudes on Mondays {11 – 25}

I am just loving every page of Ann Voskamp’s book … loving these words – God is always good and I am always loved. Even on days when things are not going well I am working hard on finding the gifts God has given me right where I am.

11. a break in our school day for errands and a fun stop along the way

12. cupcakes

13. listening to Devin and Lexi talking at bedtime and the laughter from Lexi’s bedroom

14. the smell of pasta, sauce and garlic bread from the kitchen

15. our golden retriever’s smile

16. Ava Mae’s hair in ringlets

17. rain coats and umbrellas

18. sleeping in on a grey rainy morning

19. sunshine

20. paper dolls

21. long conversation with a good friend

22. sweet kids I am teaching in my history class

23. 69 degrees on a winter day – lots of playtime outside

24. Valentine heart candies in glass jars

25. a fun dinner out with my sister


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