Weekly Wrap Up – March 4th

Spring is always a crazy time of year for us … baseball is in full swing, dance productions, choir productions, planning for summer camps, wrapping up our school year and planning for next school year. It’s all good though … just crazy. 🙂 I need to remember to enjoy the quietness of January and February.

It is hard to believe just 2 1/2 months left of schooling … we seem to be right on track with all our subjects and I am really pleased with the progress the kids have made this year.

This week’s fun included …

pajama day at Ava Mae’s Kindergarten class,

teaching how important the invention of the Cotton Gin was in Georgia State History by having the kids remove seeds from cotton bolls,

an impromptu tour of our Chick Fil A when the owner/operator asked my kids how they would like to see the behind the scenes working of their restaurant,

{loved this chalkboard in the back of the Chick Fil A restaurant with a reference to a bible verse}


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