Summer Bucket List

I saw this idea on so many blogs last summer and shared it with a few friends. One of those friends got me all the supplies to create an actual “bucket” for all of our ideas to go into.

The kids are enjoying writing out their ideas and placing them on colorful index cards.

So far some of the ideas we have planned:

Six Flags with friends
Pool Playdates
Camp Winshape – Devin
Ballet Intensive and Camp for Lexi and Ava Mae
Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings
Attending at least 2 Braves Games {guess whose card that was}
Exploring the creek with our dog, Maggie
Monster Golf
Catching Fireflys

Those are just a few of the cards I have found in our bucket. So what items are on your summer bucket list?


2 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. Oh I LOVE this idea. I think I'm gonna do it too. I would add to our bucket list…frozen yogurt, local waterpark (free play), library…oh my list could go on. I'm thinking free or low budget things.

  2. I think I am going to get a big calendar with post it notes with my “bucket” items and put the post its on the calendar when they get planned. I want to go to Sprayground, Roswell puppet shows, some beach on Lake Allatoona that I forgot the name of, Red Top's Nature at Night, Michael's Passport to Fun days, not to mention a bunch of play dates, VBS and some time in the pool. And that is just June. Oh yeah and we go back to school tomorrow too. Ha!

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