Beauty Outweighs Burdens

This weekend my heart ached … for a friend with a new cancer diagnosis, another friend who recently found out her husband was having an affair, and yet, another friend who lives daily with the loss of her precious daughter. This morning during my quiet time I read this quote by Ann Voskamp …

For those who can see, the world’s beauty outweighs its burdens, its grace greater than its grime. ~ Ann Voskamp

As I lift up my dear friends in prayer, and as my heart continues to ache for each one of them, I remind myself that through all this grime their is still beauty in this fallen world.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Outweighs Burdens

  1. Oh man, my heart aches for all the sadness and sickness in this world but it is a gift to be able to still see the beauty in spite of all of it. Thanks Alicia!

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