Camp Winshape – Play, See, Become

Another amazing week at Camp Winshape C3 has come to a close. This was Devin’s 4th year and he again had a wonderful time. With all the components of a sleep away camp without the actual sleep away part it is the best of both worlds!

This year’s theme was i2i ~ Play, See, Become – they used various board games to help teach their “big idea” of the day that speaks to our identity in Christ and how we live in intimacy with Him. It was amazing to me that by the end of the week Devin could tell me what each “big idea” was and what it meant.

These are our highlights from Chick-Fil-A Family Fun Day …

{Devin and his friend, Clarke – what camp experience would be complete without a friend}

{Safari Village getting warmed up for their morning cheer off}

{Wake Up Dance Attack time}

{Village Town Hall Line Dancing}

{First Skill Class for Devin this year was Digital Photography – above he taught me one of the tricks he learned – shrinking Lexi and having her stand on his head}

{Quick family pic by Devin’s photography teacher}

{In Drama – Devin played the part of a disciple in their play}

{Group hug in Drama Class}

{Devin in his Secret Ops spy glasses}

{Secret Ops Group Picture}

{Devin with his beautiful and amazing camp counselor, Bailey. We will be praying for you Bailey as you move on to eight more C3 locations here in the south!}

Thanks once again for all the wonderful memories Camp Winshape!!


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