Fun Summer Nails

I saw this fun nail polish technique on a couple of blogs right before vacation. I knew my sister Cassie would totally be game to giving it a go as she loves doing nails and always has tons of nail polish. We decided to do tie dyed – red, white, and blue nails.

{Step 1 – Tape all around fingernails so that nail polish will not get on your hands. Then add red, white, and blue nail polish to a cup of water.}
{Step 2 – Swirl with a tooth pick to make a random design.}
{Step 3 – This is what your cup should look like.}
{Step 4 – Swirl fingers around the cup making sure to not put your fingers in past the tape. Unlike my daughter’s hand above – she got a little excited and stuck her whole hand in the cup.}
{Step 5 – Peel off tape and clean up any excess nail polish with a paint brush dipped in nail polish remover}

This was such a fun activity and though the prep can take a little time (taping around all the nails) the nail polish dry super quick after your fingers come out of the water. I think this is the perfect rainy day summer activity.

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