Camp Crafty Girls {Day 2}

Another fun day of crafting … and with temperatures above the 95 degree mark what a better way to pass the day!!

{Pretzel Candy Making}

{Decorated Flip Flops – the girls hand sewed the flowers}

{We made mini-scrapbook albums from one sheet of 12 x 12 paper}

{I think scrapbooking was the hit of the day – no one wanted to go home when camp was over.}

On the agenda for tomorrow – flower pins, bookmarks, and rainbow cupcakes in a jar.

3 thoughts on “Camp Crafty Girls {Day 2}

  1. And it keeps getting better and better! I can tell that the girls were having such fun!! My next AG class is this Friday and we are going to make Swedish RIce Pudding, quilt square cards, and hand sewn kitties. We are studying Kirsten (pioneers/immigrants). I can't wait!:) Girls are so fun… Lori

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