Anniversary Weekend

Last Thursday my husband and I celebrated 21 years of marriage!! We decided to enjoy Thursday night with the kids and so we headed to Melting Pot for a fondue dinner. {We actually had our first date at the original Melting Pot in Florida.}

Then, because of our amazing friends {thanks Tammy and Jennifer for taking our kids}, we were able to have 24 hours to ourselves. We spent Friday night on the Square enjoying dinner at a local restaurant, a historic trolley tour of Marietta, and an Art Walk through the Square. Saturday morning we enjoyed sleeping in late and having brunch at a favorite spot that the kids are not big fans of {apparently they do not like that they put oatmeal in their pancakes}

It is amazing how just 24 hours together without kids can be so refreshing!


One thought on “Anniversary Weekend

  1. Happy Anniversary! I think all of us need time away from the kids so we can be couples for a while. It sounds like you and your hubby made the most of it.

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