It Begins Again …

It’s that time of year … all of our activities begin this week. I greet this week with a bit of excitement for the kids and while I love every extra-curricular activity our children are involved in I do dread on my part – all of the running around that will begin. This is the one part of summer that I absolutely love … no weekly commitment! So here is our week:

Monday ~ Ava Mae has ballet for 1 1/2 hours and Devin has baseball for 2 hours (thankfully my husband is the head coach so my responsibilities there are minimal).

Tuesday ~ Lexi will be dancing for 3 hours.

Wednesday ~ All the kids will be in Wednesday night activities at our church {choir and missions}. I am looking forward to Wednesday bible study this fall because, several of my friends will be joining me. I enjoy this time of fellowship with them and studying the bible together.

Thursday ~ Lexi will have ballet for 1 hour.

Friday ~ All three kids are in Timothy from 9AM – 1:30PM and I teach from 12:30PM – 1:30PM.

Saturday ~ Devin will have baseball games.

So that is what our week is going to look like … one reprieve we get for this week – we leave in the middle of the week for a 5 day beach vacation!

Looking forward to being on the beach before we start back with our curriculum. I plan on just waking each morning, walking out to the beach, and sitting in a beach chair all day while the kids play. It is one of my favorite places to be and a bonus, one of my good friends will be at the same beach so my kids will have playmates!


3 thoughts on “It Begins Again …

  1. Wow! i remember a few years back with my evening schedule was full of soccer with my sons. And they were in 2 different cities so i was driving A LOT back then. its kind of nice to have just Isa's activities only now.
    enjoy your beach vacation. can't wait to see your photos:)

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