10 Days : Breathing a Long Sigh

Wow … only ten days until Christmas. We have had a jam packed advent already. I feel like we have crammed enough activities into the last 15+ days to cover a couple of Christmas seasons.

Today was our first day since November 27th that we have had nothing on the calendar other than a ballet party. I am looking forward to the slower pace over the next ten days. A party or two, some traditional Christmas season activities with the kids, and baking. My husband began his holiday leave today from work. We are so happy to have him home until after Christmas.

So thankful we homeschool and can do things with the kids, before Christmas, together as a family {our homeschool is officially on Christmas break}. The schools in our area go until December 23rd this year – it seems crazy to have such a long break after Christmas an no time before.

So today, I am breathing a long sigh and hoping your Christmas season is beginning to slow and you are enjoying time with family and friends, as we all prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

“Let every heart prepare him room,
And heaven and nature sing …”

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