Weekend Crafting : Disney Autograph Books

This weekend Michael’s Craft Store had a $5 off a $5 purchase coupon – I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for the kids to pick up supplies and make autograph books for Disney. Both my girls and myself had a coupon so we each spent just a little over $5 and purchased enough supplies to make two autograph books and one mini-memory album. {Lexi really likes her autograph book she purchased two years ago and wanted to use it again this year.}

Michael’s had spiral notebooks with black covers and different options for the pages – Ava Mae chose pink and we got Devin, blue. Then it was just a matter of picking out some stickers, ribbon, and other embellishments. Total out of pocket was around $3.30, that included the large pen Ava Mae bought {Characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse find it much easier to sign autograph books with an over sized pen}.

We had Disney themed scrapbook paper but, I did pick up a few more sheets. Here is our final product … 
You can tell from the pictures above Ava Mae’s main mission is to get autographs of princesses while Devin’s autograph book has a Disney/Baseball theme.  Devin is planning to see the Atlanta Braves while at Disney World {they are at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports for Spring Training} and he is hoping for some players’ autographs too.

And, here is my mini-album and Disney Travel Smash Album.

One thought on “Weekend Crafting : Disney Autograph Books

  1. I love them! We're headed to Disney next week, so I've made some simple journals for my kids to record their memories. There's also room for plenty of pictures. I'd love to see the inside of your Disney Smash journal. Thanks for sharing!

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