It’s That Time of Year …

… time to finish packing away all remnants of last year’s schooling and begin reorganizing our shelves with new school books, supplies, and lesson plans.
This year I had a little more planning to do as I was recently asked to take over leadership of our homeschool support group at our church, along with my friend Rena. {So glad to have her along for the ride on this journey!} We have been frantically planning out meetings, speakers, filling out our leadership committee, and planning the retreat in January. Whew … who knew how much work and thought went into our group. I did not appreciate our previous leader’s enough!! Really looking forward to our first meeting in August and getting our school year off to a great start!

Yesterday, I was lucky to have 3 uninterrupted hours of planning time for our school year … my daughter was back at her summer dance intensive studio for a 3 hour ballet class. So while my other two children took advantage of an indoor play area at McDonald’s and with my iPad, laptop, and teacher’s planning book – I worked on planning out the first half of our school year. Our first official day back is August 27th! Two days after we return from a week long beach vacation. Hopefully, I will have everything in place to make it a smooth transition back. Hard to believe but, even with the late start back we will be just a few days shy of 1/2 our year done before Christmas. {Love homeschooling calendars!} Lots to do in the coming weeks but, two of my children are in an all day camp next week and Lexi will dance for a few days – so more quiet time.

Have you started the planning process yet or are you still enjoying the lazy days of summer?


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