22 Days …

The kids and I attended The Star of Bethlehem presentation today at our church. We had expected that it would be a DVD they were showing but, as it turned out, it was an in person presentation by Rick Larson. What a nice surprise! Devin loves astronomy and we have had discussions before as to what we believe the star over Bethlehem was.

During the presentation biblical and historical clues are discussed and then a computer model is used which shows the skies over Bethlehem 2000 years ago. As a family, we had some great discussions during our Advent study last night about what we had thought of the presentation. Conversation covered everything from Jupiter in retrograde motion to Lexi being mad that all these years we have deceived her with nativity showing the Magi visiting Jesus as a baby.

If you get an opportunity in your area to see this presentation I highly recommend it! Even our 8 year old followed along with the discussion. The Star of Bethlehem is also available on DVD.


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