5 Fun Beach Activities

 It’s that time of year when so many of us will hit the beach for some sun and fun but, what happens when your kids have had enough swimming or sand castle building for the day or when the sunny skies turn to grey! Just a little bit of planning when you pack for the beach can make your life so much more peaceful. I know the last thing I want to hear on vacation is, “Mom I’m bored”.

Here are five fun ideas, with minimal supplies …

  • Memory Jar crafted from beach sand, shells, and other found objects. {Supplies to pack: small mason jars or jars you may have saved up – 1 for each child}
  • Stepping Stone crafted from beach sand, shells, rocks, even a magnet from the local souvenir shop. {Supplies to pack: aluminum take out containers, Plaster of Paris (don’t bring the whole bag just enough for your craft), Mod Podge}
  • Seashell Necklace this craft is fun or boys and girls, you can easily use a shell, shark tooth, or unique rock you have found on the beach {Supplies to pack: 22 gauge colored wire, colored leather cord, needle nose pliers}
  • Seashell Mobile easily crafted from just a few supplies – seashells and driftwood – what a unique lasting memory of your beach vacation {Supplies to pack: string, and an optional cordless drill with a small bit – in case you want to drill holes in the driftwood}
  • Beach Themed Square Frame a fun way to preserve that special picture from the beach is in a beach themed frame {Supplies to pack: square wooden frame, light blue paint and paintbrushes, hot glue gun, 22 gauge silver wire}

Hope these ideas help you to have a fun beach vacation! For more crafty fun at the beach, follow me over on Pinterest!


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