Spa in a Jar {Easy Fun Teen Gift}

Recently one of my daughter’s good friends turned the big “13” years old. And, though we had a fun custom iPhone case made for her, my daughter wanted to put something with it. After searching Pinterest … she came up with this cute idea – Spa in a Jar.

Spa in a Jar 1

My daughter made a list of her friend’s favorite things and we hit the store to find a large glass canning jar and items that would fit inside perfectly.

We ended up with nail polish, mascara, hand sanitizer, eye shadow, an EOS (lip balm), nail polish remover, fun hair elastics made of bright colored rubber and, what girl wouldn’t love individually wrapped Godiva chocolates. We also made a chalkboard label to go on the front of the jar and wrote the friend’s name with a chalk marker.

It came out really cute and we found this adorable Papryus card to go with it!

UPDATE: Thank you to all of our visitors from Pinterest … this is our #1 post! This still remains our best gift to give my daughter’s friends.

Spa in a Jar 2


9 thoughts on “Spa in a Jar {Easy Fun Teen Gift}

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  3. My daughter is turning 13 this week. (I think I’m ready for this!) We’re having five girls over for a “Spa Night” when we’ll do some Jamberry nails, facials, and other fun things. We filled blue quart Kerr jars with items including nail polish, nail clippers, emery boards, orange sticks, cotton rounds, toe separators, flocked manicure sticks, tiny vaseline lip gloss, Eucerin hand cream, a comb, pony elastics, a headband, and a gourmet lollipop. It all fit with the lid on! We put each girl’s name on the jar on a punched paper flower on a string and put a cute polka dot bow on the jar rim with hot glue. They are the cutest party favors ever! They’ll use them during the party and later on. Thanks so much for the idea!

    • Great question Chloe … I think we spent about $25 in all. You could definitely do it cheaper or much more expensive depending on the nail/cosmetic items you buy. We purchased everything at Target, even the canning jar.

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