Summer Wrap Up {2014}

This is it … the last days of summer for our family! It always goes by so fast and yet, other days I yearn for the school year and structure it brings to our day and week.

So here is a recap of our summer and the fun we had …

The summer began with lots of swimming and fun with friends!

Summer Post 2We had a special lunch with a very dear friend who has been Lexi’s tutor for the last four years. It was a sad good-bye as Julia and her husband move to Florida. Though we promised to visit their ocean cottage someday soon! Until we meet again our dear friend … we will always see you as our miracle worker!

Then it was off to Asheville, NC to our family’s mountain home. We spent a fun 4th of July with lots of my siblings. And, the girls brought along one of their best buds. We saw lots of bear!! And, enjoyed seeing what fireworks look like from the top of a mountain looking down into the towns.

We returned from Asheville and the very next day we were off to the airport to meet our French foreign exchange student, Nicolas, who we were hosting for three weeks. Our time with Nic was so much fun! I tutored him in English and he taught us all about life in a small village in France. He even taught the girls the proper way of pronouncing so many of the ballet terms they have been hearing and saying wrong for years. Devin and Nic had a blast playing video games and hanging out – while the girls were off dancing every day. Nicolas is a great soccer player and we enjoyed watching the World Cup Games with him – more new experiences for our family as we are not “big” into as almost everyone in the world else calls it “futbol”. We also had a fun outing to the World of Coca Cola and The Varsity. It seemed all too soon we were heading back to the airport and saying “good-bye” to Nic. Thanks Nic for being a great student and for your invitation to visit your family next summer!

The month of July was also consumed with dancing … dancing … and more dancing. Both Ava Mae and Lexi spent over 100 hours in a summer dance intensive. They learned so much, made great friends, and are looking forward to going back next year. It was fun carpooling with two other families! The craziness that went on every day in the car was epic. Big decisions were made too during July – Lexi and Ava Mae were both accepted into a ballet company and we made the hard decision to move out of our current ballet program and on to a new path.

And, as if our summer wasn’t jam packed with fun … we added sheep to the mix. That’s right for five days we were sheep “farmers” or at least that is how our 9 year old daughter saw it. We were actually renting the sheep to clear our our backyard of all the ivy and random plants that had sprung up. We loved having the sheep (well except for that one morning when a couple of them escaped and one ended up on my deck eating my flowers but, that is just all part of the experience, right). These sheep are just one of several flocks that visit homes and properties all over the Atlanta area clearing out overgrowth – they eat everything except Azaleas. Just watching the sheep herding dogs in action when they dropped off and picked up the flock was amazing! We also go daily visits by one of the shepherds and his sweet herding dog – who is still learning the ropes!

We began August with celebrating 24 years of marriage … can’t believe it is the big “25” next year!

We also celebrated Devin turning “13” years old … we are officially parents of a teenager. So thankful, for the young man he is growing into. His sense of humor and creativeness are just so refreshing! He is a great big brother to two sometimes crazy sisters! And, he takes it all in stride.  Just can’t believe we are here already … I say it all the time but, truly, where does the time go? Happy 13th, Devin!! Love you so much!!

And, just because I have a hundred pictures of the sheep … I have to include one last parting shot. Hoping you had a great summer!!


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