Back to “School” … tips from a seasoned homeschool mom

It’s time … time to pull ourselves out of summer mode and kick-off our homeschool year!

There are always a variety of attitudes towards going back to “school”. While some students are very excited – others tend to be a bit unmotivated – wanting that summer schedule to never end. Even the seasoned homeschool moms struggles sometimes when the school year gets back into swing … many times it is just overwhelming when you think of the year ahead and everything that needs to be accomplished.

It is time to step back … take a deep breath … and face that new school year with a smile. Take it one day at a time … whether you have a lesson plan book filled with your whole year or just a post it with the next five minutes planned. I promise it is going to be o.k. I have done it both ways and I can assure you my kids learned just as much the years we had to wing it a little as the years when I planned everything down to the last minute of our school day.

Here are some tips and tricks for helping you kick off your school year.

Start the day off with a positive attitude.

  • Like they say, β€œA smile goes a long way!”
  • Get excited for the new year, your excitement for the new year will be contagious.
  • Never complain about the start of the year. Talk about some fun things you would like to do over the school year. {maybe plan a fun field trip that first week or two of school}

Get organized.

  • Out with the old … in with the new! Spend some time clearing those school shelves and packing up last year’s work. If your kids are old enough – get them involved it will have everyone transition back into school mode.
  • Set up your spaces! It doesn’t have to be a fancy school room but, having the kitchen table clean and ready for the first day is important.
  • Make sure you stock up on school supplies while there are sales … and, if you start later than your area schools – take advantage of the clearance prices! Now is the best time to get all your markers, colored pencils, notebook paper, and folders for the year.
  • Have your curriculum and schedule planned out.

Give your student(s) special treatment for the first day of school.

  • Have a fun breakfast at home or change things up and head out for donuts!
  • Some school years, when I really have it together, I have even picked out a small token gift and have it sitting on our school table.

Take pictures!

  • There are tons of fun ideas on Pinterest for staging great 1st day of school pics for homeschoolers.
  • We try and snap a pic of each child individually holding up a sign with the grade they are starting and a group shot. Some years this goes better than others …

Lighten the load.

  • Since it is the first day of school, try not to make it overwhelming.
  • Give each child a chance to settle into the new schedule and routine. Talk about what the school year is going to look like, expectations, and fun things you have planned.

Really enjoy that first day back!! Don’t think of the 180 days to come – live in the moment!

Have a homeschool question … I would love to hear from you!!



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