A New Year … and a new semester.

THE BEST THINGAVAILABLEDoesn’t it seem like you blink and the Christmas season is over? All too soon it is back to the everyday …

January can be a hard month for homeschoolers. There is always so much to look forward to in the Fall when it is back to school – football games, fall leaves, and holidays. Many times when we head back in January, and look ahead to that long stretch of Winter, it can just all seem so monotonous.

One way to combat the post-holiday back to school blues – plan some fun activities. Get together with friends for lunch, get a field trip on the calendar, try out a new sport – like indoor rock climbing. Just get out and away from the house!

Or, if the weather has you stuck at home – change up your homeschool day. Do school by the fire, have a day y’all stay in your jammies, find some great History documentaries on Netflix and pop some popcorn.

January is also a good month to start thinking about your plans for next year. Many hybrid homeschool programs and enrichment classes begin enrolling for the next school year in February. Give yourself some time to think about what has worked so far this year and any changes you might want to make. And, while your at it … set some goals to help you finish out this school year strong! A great way to do that is to set some SMART goals –






SMART Goals Sheet

One goal my daughter, Ava Mae, has set (see her sheet above) is to memorize the whole timeline for Classical Conversations (the on campus program we do on Wednesdays). The timeline is long (encompassing Creation to Present Day) … it takes about 15 minutes for her to say it all and that is talking fast. So we set this specific goal – it is easily measurable – definitely achievable (she has been working on it since last year) – most certainly realistic for a student her age – and time based (she wants to have it memorized by the end of our Classical Conversations school year – the first week of April). Do you or your children have any goals for this 2nd semester? I know it also helps to have some sort of reward for those who attain their SMART goal.

And, I have a made this SMART goal sheet we have for our homeschool a FREE PDF download for you … just CLICK HERE. Because, I do not like printables that drain all of my color print cartridge I kept it simple but, as you can see above, your kids can easily decorate the sheet. Then find a place in your homeschool to pin it up … it is a great reminder of the goal they are working toward and the reward at the end.

Hoping your 2015 is off to a great start! What SMART goals have you set for your homeschool?


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