Blogging Break Over … Welcome Summer!

red white blue flag and flowers

After blogging for the last five years – it has been a nice break over the past few months! Break is over and I am back to blogging about our homeschool life, ballet, baseball, recipes, and craft projects!

Our summer is packed with dancing and baseball … next week the girls begin a three week summer intensive and Devin continues with his travel team tournaments.

We are always so excited for summer to arrive and school books to be put away but, it seems like in an instant the break is over and we are back to school. In years past we have done a summer buck list but, with the kids so much older now and their schedules so busy – we don’t feel there is a need. In the rare instance a child murmurs the words “I’m bored” – there is always summer reading or a chore to be done.

The girls do have a project we will be blogging about … they are redecorating their bedroom. We are doing this on a small budget, so we have been picking up pieces as we find them and are preparing to sell a loft bed, twin bed, and a changing table/cabinet (that was purchased from a high-end French-Canadian furniture manufacture and will hopefully bring in some good money when we sell). Stay tuned for the “before-after” project shots as we work on this fun re-do.

What are your plans this summer?


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