You Blink and Summer is Gone …

Like everything these days it seems like I blink and our summer is over … we are back to school, as of yesterday. Fun times I tell you. No, really, it is good to get back into a routine.

So, looking back … here is some of our summer fun.

photo (11)

We enjoyed lots of time at the pool …

photo (13)

when we weren’t playing baseball or …

photo (12)

attending summer dance intensives.

photo (15)

We hosted an awesome foreign exchange student from France. His name was Florian and the kids had an absolute blast with him (as did many of their friends).

photo (16)

Ava Mae competed at KAR’s National Title Competition in Biloxi, Mississippi.

photo (17)

Bonus … we stayed on the beach and Lexi got to bring along one of her best friends who she rarely gets to spend time with anymore.

photo (18)

When we got back from Nationals, Ava Mae found out she was going on pointe! (with one of her best friends)

photo (20)

We lost two members of our furry family … (rest in peace Smokin and Binxee – you are greatly missed) and we gained two new kittens (Snowflake and Binxee II).

photo (14)

We celebrated (a lot) … my husband turned Fifty …

photo (19)

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by a weekend away at a wonderful B&B in the North Carolina mountains. (Thanks to my parents for watching our kids!) Of course our kids had just as much fun hanging out with their grandparents …

photo (21)

Just one of the great places they took them over the weekend.

photo (22)

And, Devin turned 14 years old!

Wow … looking back we had a jam packed full of experiences summer! Excited now for what the new school year ahead holds!!


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