Summer Fun In and Around Atlanta

Summer Fun In and Around AtlantaYour homeschool is on summer break and temperatures are rising! Once again, it’s time to grab our sunscreen throw on our sunglasses and head out for some fun family bonding experiences in and around the ATL! Sure you could just head to your pool but, why not change it up a bit –

Here’s a list of 10 fantastic summer activities (some are even FREE) to get your family off to a good start this summer, in Atlanta!

  1. CREATE ATL Family Fun – This is a new family-oriented program courtesy of The Woodruff Arts Centre in conjunction with the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and High Museum of Art, which will feature various activities including family festivals, art-making activities, interactive musical story times, composers-in-training sessions, instrument making, drop-in acting classes and more. It happens every Sunday at 1 p.m., from June through August. FREE admission
  2. Marietta Fire Museum – Have some fun with history at this fabulous 2-story museum in Marietta which celebrates the work that the firefighters of Marietta have done for almost 200 years!  You’ll see fire trucks and the other awesome firefighting displays that will keep your younger ones intrigued. Tours are conducted by active duty fire fighters. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission is FREE.
  3. Autrey Mill – Do your kids need a break from technology? Why not let them step back in time with a tour of the village at Autrey Mill, located in Johns Creek. The village provides an understanding of the rural heritage of this area from the 1800’s – 1900’s. It is a serene location with 2 miles of nature trails that feature a walk through a hardwood forest, a winding creek, pavilions, historic buildings, and animal exhibits among other things. Grounds are open every day from 8am – dusk. The Visitor Center is open Monday – Saturday from 10am – 4pm. Admission is FREE.
  4. World of Coca-Cola – At the World of Coca-Cola you can experience the fascinating story of the world’s best-known beverage brand. You’ll also watch a 4D movie and taste flavors from all over the world (great place to quench your thirst on a hot day). To get a sneak peek of the fun that awaits, use the new interactive World of Coke app on your phone
  5. Tallulah Gorge Full Moon Suspension Bridge Hike –For a fun moonlit nature walk – head to the North Georgia Mountains and enjoy a 1 mile hike that takes you down the stairs across, the suspension bridge and on the rim of the gorge under the full moon. Wednesday, July 1st from 8:30pm – 10:30pm is the next full moon hike.
  6. Folk Art Garden – This is a beautiful artistic haven filled with gorgeous flowers and greenery and Folk Art consisting of more than 50 diminutive buildings designed to imitate their larger counterparts crafted from tiny stones, pebbles, shells and other materials. There is no charge to tour the gardens, located in Calhoun.
  7. Visit a Roller Skating Rink – Pick a skating rink close by and take the family for a spin around the rink. And, if you really want to cool down – find an ice skating rink. I can’t think of a better way to spend a hot day. If you’re not as bold, you can always enjoy watching on the sidelines – bring a book, catch up on some work, or just snap pics of the fun your kids are having.
  8. Georgia Aquarium -Mingle with some cute penguins, dolphins or sea otters in one of the world’s most magical aquariums in North America!
  9. UPick Blueberry Farm – Don’t miss out on the short blueberry picking season in Georgia! Find a farm, such as Berry Patch Farms, and take the kids to pick fresh blueberries. Just think of all the fun recipes you can make on one of those rainy days at home – blueberry muffins, pancakes, smoothies. Don’t forget your sunscreen and mosquito spray when you head out to pick. Also, always call ahead to the farms as the picking season changes quickly.
  10. Tubing Down the Chattahoochee – on one of the hottest days of the year, you can still have fun outside and stay cool. Just head to Helen, Georgia and tube down the cold Chattahoochee river. You can even bring your dog! Prices start at just $4 – bring a cooler and picnic afterward along the river, there are plenty of picnic tables.

So, before you ask the old age question “what is there to do in Atlanta, with the kids, during the summer?” Get started on some of the fun activities on this little bucket list. Happy summer!

What are some of your favorite things to do in and around Atlanta during the summer?


On Pointe

Yesterday was a big day for Lexi – her first official pointe shoe fitting. She is so excited that she begins pointe class next week. For Lexi, she thought this day would never come – it has been a long year of being in a pointe class but, not being allowed to be on pointe because, she was too young. {Pictured above with her very good friend and “dance twin” – Ashlyn. These girls have danced together since 2 years old.}

Of course, it wouldn’t be a ballet outing without younger sisters in tow … Ava Mae and Ashlyn’s sister, Anna, who is Ava Mae’s “dance twin”, enjoyed hanging out with the ballet school director.

It only took 8 or 9 pairs before the perfect pair were found … of course, they had to be the most expensive. At least they are great quality and will hopefully, last the year.

And while the older sisters were getting fitted …. the younger sisters tried to convince Miss Lisa that they should be allowed to wear these types of outfits to ballet class. They didn’t win that argument.

Can’t believe this day is already here … why do kids have to grow up so fast? It seems like just yesterday Lexi was skipping in to the 2 year old ballet class, hair in a tiny bun and pink tutu on. Hard to believe in another two years we will be in this very spot with Ava Mae.

Happy girls with new pointe shoes!

Hymn Sing {2013}

Hard to believe but, this is it … we are wrapping up our 2012 – 2013 school year. I know being completely wrapped up in our adoption over the last few months contributed to the last five months seeming like a blur. Between keeping up with our school work, extra-curricular activities, and all the paperwork and appointments that our adoption brought with it – I am kind of surprised I still have any brain cells left.

We are enjoying all the fun that the end-of-year activities bring with them … last Wednesday night was the kids’ Hymn Sing. Devin, Lexi, and Ava Mae all received their Hymn Memory Awards this year. So proud of them!

For Devin it was a special night because, as a 5th grader he was graduating from Children’s Choir. I have to admit it was a little bittersweet. Devin’s Hymn Memory Award was a special Hymnal with his name engraved on the cover.

Devin pictured with the AMEN Choir Director, Ms. Pamela. She is the most amazing choir director ever!!

RA/GA Derby {2013}

Last weekend was the annual RA/GA Derby race. Ava Mae was so happy to finally get to participate – last year would have been her first year but, we were in Disney. {It was a hard decision – derby race or Disney. NOT!}

The kids chose these themes for their cars – Ava Mae – candy; Lexi – flower power; and Devin – Latvia. {Just love Devin’s sweet heart for orphan care.}

While our race time’s were not the greatest – Ava Mae did walk away with 2nd place overall in the GA Design category. Our first derby trophy ever – Woo Hoo! Ava Mae’s best friend, Maddie Bell, took Honorable Mention in the Design category – with her “Dog Ate My Car” design – what is hilarious or not so hilarious to Maddie Bell – her dog really did chew up her car.

Catching Up : {Ballet, Baseball, and more}

The last two weeks have been a blur … dance recitals, baseball playoffs and All-Stars, the end of our school year and standardized testing. And, in the midst of all of that … my computer caught a virus and completely crashed losing all of my files and pictures. {Thankfully, we were able to pay someone to recover and restore my main computer and I have an iPad and laptop which I was able to use. I now vow to actually begin using the backup drive my husband bought for my computer over a year ago.}
Lexi and Ava Mae’s ballet recital was beautiful … both girls did a great job! It was a long two days but, it is always so nice to see them dance on stage and to see the improvement they have made over the last year.
Devin’s baseball team {that my husband coaches} finished their season in 3rd place after a week long double elimination tournament. In amazing end … we actually entered the playoffs in 6th place. All the kids played their hearts out and we lost to the 2nd best team in the league by just one run.
Devin attended the league championship game where he was awarded a trophy for being named the best hitter in the league with a .787 batting average and an .800 on base percentage. {I am told these numbers are really good.
And, last but, definitely not the least … we finished our school year and all of our standardized testing last week!! Devin and Lexi celebrated by going to Six Flags with my husband. A fun way to the end the school year.

So what lies ahead… lots of swimming, a month of ballet intensive for Lexi, a month of travel baseball for Devin, VBS at our church, a camp here at our home, ballet camp for Ava Mae, a trip to our friend’s lakehouse, lots of playdates, and a week long trip to the beach when everyone else heads back to school in August. So thankful, summer is here!!!!

Jail Break : Spring Choir Performance {2012}

Tonight was the kids’ Spring choir performance. The theme this year was jail break. Always fun to watch these performances. We are blessed to have a wonderful children’s choir director at our church!
Devin had a speaking part … 
And, the girls both performed in the choir.
Highlight of the evening was hearing the original song written by Devin and the other kids in the AMEN exploration group – “Song Writing”.
One more event I can now mark off of our “End of the Year” activities as we wind down this wonderful school year!! 

Spring Choir Concert

All three kids had their spring choir performances last night. Devin and Ava Mae both had speaking parts.
Love the format they use for the preschool and kindergarten choirs – a picnic in the activities center while the kids perform.
Devin and Lexi performed in the sanctuary with their choirs. Devin played the disciple John in the drama portion.